Digital Asset Management

Gain control of your Digital Assets
Filerobot helps your teams store, process, share and accelerate images, videos and static content on any web and mobile applications across the world.

Tailored Content Operations System

Use our modular DAM Software via API, Widgets or as a Standalone Solution

Beyond a DAM Solution

The all-in-one tool for collaborating, managing, customizing workflows, and more.

Accelerate your Content Operations and Delivery

Manage the life-cycle of your media assets in 4 simple steps with Filerobot


  • Uploader directly integrated into your Back-Office
  • Multi-tenant platform
  • Fast uploads via reverse-CDN
  • Permissions & Collaboration
  • Replicated Storage


  • Inline image editor widget
  • Smart tagging
  • Custom metadata
  • 360° spinner
  • Versioning


  • Smart Delivery Network with multi-CDN acceleration
  • Responsive Images
  • Lazyloading
  • WebP and JPEG compression
  • JS & CSS minification


  • DAM Dashboard
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Global delivery performance monitoring
  • Alerting

Core Features of Digital Asset Management


Filerobot Widget enables your teams to enrich your media library with new images, videos, CSS, JS, docs, MP4 or PDF files. With our widget seamlessly integrated into your Back-Office, its features as well as its branding can be fully customized for the usage of your media assets.


Place all your assets stored within our searchable and multi-tenant repository in the Cloud for more flexibility. For your ennced security, Filerobot also replicates assets into several Cloud providers worldwide.


No need to struggle anymore with Photoshop for last-minute edits: your team can make essential image transformations without web-design skills required. Create new versions of your images and videos in seconds right in Filerobot UI.


Create and manage users and teams with different permissions and levels of access for more granularity. Content can even be shared for upload and download with external users. Implement validation steps before your content goes live to fully control work quality.


No more media asset duplicates. Set your rules if an asset is uploaded multiple times, and create alerts or find duplicated assets to avoid unnecessary storage-consuming assets in the library. Each asset has a version history to roll back if needed.


Upon uploading or after creating new media in your library, be at ease to add manual, customized and automatic content tags to your images to find them easier later on. Enrich metadata of your media assets for an expanded search experience.


Improve the media asset life-cycle by using top-notch Artificial Intelligence features (image recognition, file transformation, face detection, auto-tagging, etc.). Or enhance your workflows create your own machine learning algorithms supported by experts from our Team.


Make your DAM safer than a vault! Filerobot provides security at all levels to protect your valuable media from all along its life-cycle. We comply with high data security regulation standards to meet your internal policy.


Make your media lighter and faster to win the SEO race! Leverage dynamic URLs and use WebP for your images, adaptive streaming video, and compressed static content to save precious loading seconds. Easily publish on social media with quick creation of new variants!


Deliver the most optimized image size based on your visitor's screen size. Scaleflex' libraries include options for lazy loading, progressive loading and blurhash.

Responsive images are required for a better user experience and more conversion.

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