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Scaleflex boosts the productivity and performance of Media Assets for all types of companies and teams.

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CTO / Lead Developer


Scaleflex’ solutions are built by and for Developers: every single feature is thought first for scalability, performance and easy integration. With the help of complete documentation, Developers can achieve quick results thanks to APIsed and automated workflows.

CDO / Marketing Manager


Get collaborative content operations and media acceleration to run best-in-class marketing campaigns. Unleash the creative potential of your Media using Scaleflex’ solutions to reduce Marketing’s Time-to-Fulfilment and accelerate Project Throughput.

CPO / E-Commerce Manager


Provide beautiful Digital Experiences while keeping up with high performance levels. Scaleflex is your KPI-partner and ensures that your web and mobile apps are fast, light and beautiful while saving your team some precious time in managing dense catalogues of media assets.

Content Operations at Enterprise Level

Choose scalable and secure solutions that answer your specific needs

100% Secure Solutions

Ensure identity federation, Multi-Factor Authentication, protection from DDoS attacks and compliance to high privacy standards (GDPR).

On-Demand CDN Services

Choose to benefit from Scaleflex’ multi Cloud Storages and CDNs architecture or to plug our SaaS directly into your existing CDN.

Highly Scalable and Multi-tenant

Integrate seamlessly Scaleflex' solutions into your CMS, ERP, or PIM using our APIs, plugins, libraries and widgets.

Tailored Enterprise Support

Adaptive level of support according to the criticality of DAM and Media performance for your organization.

Scaleflex is Corporates' privileged partner

  • APRIL Assurance Success Story

    APRIL is a French company that creates, manages and distributes insurance solutions and assistance services for individuals, professionals and companies.

    APRIL websites (april.fr and aprilinternational.com) count more than 10 million visits in 2020. AKQA, their digital partner, chose Filerobot Digital Asset Management Software to plug into Prismic headless CMS and host all data in France.

We help ambitious Startups to grow fast

  • Ready to Accelerate?

    Since the very beginning of our adventure, Scaleflex has worked closely with the Startup Ecosystem.

    Combining our expertise in Digital Asset Management and Optimization with fully scalable solutions, we offer fast growing startups with the best toolbox to achieve new highs.

    Our partners Station F, Euratechnologie or Startup Starter recommend our solutions to the most known startups like Yuka.