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Our Team, your Asset

Stop building tools to support your business, focus on building value for your customers

We are a team of European developers who joined their forces to build software for developers and marketers. What we learned while working at leading software companies like Apple and VMware allows us to provide you with scalable, reliable and efficient, yet affordable Cloud services.

Our mission is to simplify the recurring tasks involved in developing a website, online store, mobile app, ... so that you, fellow developer, content manager and marketer, can focus your time on what you are really good at.

We help you scale your business by building image optimisation, asset management and delivery and performance monitoring infrastructure for you.

We enable you to Scale while staying Flexible, we are Scaleflex

Our Cloud Services

Image Optimisation and Acceleration & Digital Asset Management

  • Cloudimage

    Image Resizing and Acceleration in the Cloud

    Effortless image optimisation and CDN delivery. Make your website fully responsive and really fast.

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  • Filerobot

    Performant and scalable Digital Asset Management

    Store, Process and Accelerate Images, Videos, JS, CSS and Static Content across the World on any web and mobile app.

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Built by Developers for Developers,
Content Managers and Marketers

4 Rules for building useful software

Focus on use cases

We develop our products based on our users' feedback and our vision for better digital asset management and acceleration.

No pressure

We prefer quality to quantity and deliver features only when they are polished and scalable for enterprise use.

Promote initiative

Our developers spend up to 30% of their time working on personal projects. If a project has value for our users, we add it to the Scaleflex stack and promote it alongside our other services.

Privacy by design

Our software is built with user's privacy in focus. With recent EU privacy regulations (GDPR), we make sure that our tools keep you compliant... and safe.

4 Rules

for building scalable software

From the Field

Our users loving us is our biggest reward

“Cloudimage not only saved us days of development in coding our own image management solution, but also days of implementation as it was done it half a day!”

Nick, Kyero

"When I found Cloudimage, I realized within minutes that it wasTHE solution for a quick and simple setup, fully aligned with your processes."

Ingo, Zentrada

“Cloudimage replaced our in-house image management solution we could no longer maintain. We saved a lot of time and reduced costs by implementing Cloudimage.”

Alexandre, SeLoger





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