Natively Global Solutions

Scaleflex technology relies on a multilingual and globally distributed architecture to accelerate the upload and the delivery of assets

The best fit for Geographic Expansion

Storage Geo-zone

Scaleflex uses a Reverse-CDN technology to reduce the Time To First Byte (TTFB) to less than 100ms from any user around the World and less than 20ms for server-to-server API calls.

Regional variants

All your organization’s assets can include locally customized metadata to fit into your Product Information Management requirements e.g. currency, language, etc.


Scaleflex solutions are adopted by team spread all around the world: our interfaces and Sales teams are supporting Customers in 5 languages (en, de, fr, es, ch)

Global Distribution

Scaleflex' managed CDNs provide the best caching and the fastest delivery of your assets all around the world. Global Networks coverage: 130+ countries in 5 continent (2,000+ Points of Presence)

Privacy is on top of our Agenda

The end of the Privacy Shield between the USA and Europe rose challenges for DPOs. Re-gain control of your Data with Scaleflex' distributed solutions.

GDPR Compliance

As an EU-based SaaS company, Scaleflex is fully GDPR-compliant and offer a reliable alternative for European Companies having specific Privacy requirements.

EU Data Hosting

Limit the data replication of your assets and data to restricted European storage providers and data centers. Data Replication will prevent you from any loss.

Top grade Security

Gain control of the accessibility of the solutions (SSO, MFA) and prevent your assets in production from being misused (domain whitelisting, URL signature, URL aliases).

Expand your Digital Experience to China

Delivering Content to China often come along with a headache for several reasons

Sheer distance from Americas, Africa or Europe to China

  • China is a unique country in which many first-rate technologies don't work the same as the rest of the world.
  • Certain technologies are blocked from entering the country, while others take a long time to load and process.

Great Firewall, China’s unique internet filtering system

  • The Great Firewall even causes delays to websites delivered from Hong Kong into China. In fact, the Firewall’s filtering process slows websites down by up to 40%.

China’s Internet infrastructure

  • Peering between networks and Internet service providers (ISPs) can often introduce significant latency.

Chinese Strict Regulations

  • The Ministry of Industry and Information (MIIT) of China requires an ICP (Internet Content Provider), a permit required to operate websites in China
  • An ICP license is required in order to use China CDN to deliver content in Mainland China

China Acceleration Solutions

Unleash the power of your Digital Asset without changing solution

  • Accelerate your Content with Scaleflex' Solutions

    Optimize your site and improve your ranks with Baidu and Sogou selecting one of these options:

    • Near-China Acceleration

    Have users reach you without having an ICP certification by benefiting from Pops (Points of Presence) which are located around China.

    • Mainland China Acceleration

    Get access to our CDN partners 400+ PoP in mainland-China by acquiring an ICP Bei'An.

    • China Virtual Private Line

    Have your content accelerated via a MPLS line alternative from Japan or Hong-Kong to China without having an ICP Bei'an.

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