Media Optimization Journey:
from ZERO to HERO

Is PageSpeed Insights test always giving you a low-speed score?
Did you try to fix everything on the recommended list but the score still STAYED THE SAME.
Are you still not ranking on the first page of Google?
Do you know how much your SERP position is suffering if your media assets aren't fully optimized?
Over 70% according to the lighthouse! That's a lot of revenue going down the drain...
Scaleflex has solved many challenges related to Media Optimization for their 1300 organizations and customers. This 4-part webinar series will help you learn how to optimize your media assets for better page speed and SERP positioning!
By covering from the most basic to the most advanced levels, we will give you the most powerful strategies and techniques to optimize your digital content and take you all the way to Digital Asset Management.

    • 1. Master the Basics

      If you are new to the game called Google Page Rank, this webinar will teach you everything you need to know about page speed score and how to increase it via image optimization, starting from:

      • Importance of page speed in SEO and in UX
      • Technical image optimization vs on site image optimization: what does it mean and checklist
      • How to optimize your images?
      • Scaling up the process (inhouse vs. outsource)

      Plus you will have a chance to go over live surgery our CEO has conducted on one of our viewers websites. This way you will get hands-on knowledge about image optimization analysis, why it is important and how to incorporate findings into your own strategy!

      Master the Basics
    • 2. Unleash the full power of SEO image optimization

      With previous image optimization you managed to rank. However, you are still not on the first page of Google.

      Among other SEO techniques, advanced image optimization allows you to be one step ahead of your competition.

      Get access to this webinar and learn more about:

      • The importance of pagespeed and how to boost SEO
      • How can website speed affect SEO ranking?

      Moreover, one of the most important secrets of 50% page acceleration is CDN:

      • What is a CDN?
      • Advantages of using a CDN for your website
      • How to minimize time to first byte and URL structure and more...
      Unleash the full power of SEO image optimization
    • 3. Unleash full potential of your digital assets

      This is where ZERO becomes a HERO.

      They may not have taught you this in your SEO school, but having a dedicated digital asset (images, videos, documents…) a management system in the cloud is essential to proper, lucrative and efficient media optimization.

      We are expanding our area of focus here from just SEO to SEO + Content Operation + Team Collaboration in the cloud.

      • Did you ever try to find a logo or an image you knew you had saved somewhere but failed and decided to go on without it?
      • How much time, money and effort do you think you just lost with that one time?

      With proper DAM this kind of situation is history.

      Get access to our introductory DAM webinar, where you will find out:

      • What is DAM and why do you need it?
      • Best DAM Strategies
      • Types of digital asset and their impact on website performance (page speed)
      • How to manage all media in the cloud and boost the team collaboration?
      Unleash full potential of your digital assets
    • 4. Monitoring and transforming Digital Experiences

      In the era of digital, how you transmit emotions matters.

      Is there a way to create an experience similar to brick and mortar store one?


      This is exactly what we decided to teach you in our last webinar of this series.

      Because images are exactly the ones that make this experience.

      Better experience, better conversion rate, better ranking,more traffic!!!

      Learn how digital experience is built, why you should monitor media performance, what is Real User Monitoring and why is it important to improve digital experiences?

      Ready to become a hero?

      Monitoring and transforming Digital Experiences

    Get to know more about the best practices of DAM and Media Performance