What can visual content syndication do for marketplaces?

Amplify your time resources

Thanks to automated content resizing, compression and publication your e-commerce and content teams can save precious time.

Increase conversions

Leverage unique product visuals, tailored to specific devices and platforms (Google Shopping, Zalando, Amazon, Walmart, etc) increase engagement, satisfaction, and conversions, all in one.

Ensure visual quality

You will regain control of your visual content and assets across PIM, CMS, ERP or any marketplaces and platforms in your publishing strategy.

What can our integrated visual solution stack do for your content?

Digital Asset Management

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Centralize all your product visuals into a single-source-of-truth to prevent duplicates and obsolete versions.

Automate content workflows ranging from design to web publication and sharing them with partners.

Organize your collections' lifecycle dynamically and by marketplaces.

Dynamic Media Optimization

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Leverage marketplace-ready image templates and generate all the variants you'll need automatically (auto-crop, background remover, resizer, etc)

Smartly optimize every single asset to improve loading times, while still keeping the highest visual quality.

Obtain valuable insights into your asset's performance online and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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Visual Artificial Intelligence

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Ensure consistent branding throughout all platforms through watermarks, accurate product information, size and quality.

Leverage AI classification and descriptions for your product's images to boost accuracy and listing quality.

Harness the power of Gen AI to seamlessly adapt your images to each marketplace's standards.

What our customers say

The faster growing marketplaces chose Scaleflex to manage their media


Learn how SeLoger, the largest French Real Estate portal moved its media server and CDN to Cloudimage.

Alexandre Nérat
Infrastructure Manager
Finance, Banking and Insurance

Learn how APRIL, leading French insurer, used Filerobot Headles APIs to improve media management and optimization via seamless integration to Prismic CMS

Thomas Hardy
Web Project Manager - Product Owner

Learn how Yuka, leading mobile food app, combat their growing image uploads, from startup to hosting over 20 million users!

François Martin
Global Marketing Communications

Learn how Scaleflex built an all-new custom Hyundai Dealer Content Hub for INNOCEAN Worldwide Mexico in 4 weeks!

Eduardo Cisneros Escalona
Project Manager

We managed to cut by 5 the content moderation time, through leveraging face detection when uploading in our DAM.

Nicolas Demengel
Software Engineer

The teams are quick to respond to our queries and fix any bugs we raise. The tool is easy to use and the APIs well documented.

Thibaut Simon
Responsable Infrastructure

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