What can an integrated visual experience platform do for web performance?

Improve your website speed on desktop and mobile

Images and videos are responsible for 60 to 80% of a page's weight. Optimize their weight and adapt their size to reduce loading times, improve customer retention and increase the number of visited pages.

Boost your rankings in all locations

By reducing website weight and optimizing loading times on mobile, your Core Web Vitals will improve, leading to better SEO rankings and an increment in your website's traffic.

Monitor your performance accurately

Our integrated solutions allow you to get media analytics highlights about your top performing visuals as well as your web performance gains in LCP, FID and CLS.

Each solution offers a unique helping set of features

Digital Asset Management

filerobot DAM core web vitals img

Start optimizing your assets with a configurable media uploader (format, size, quality, etc.).

Create unique versions of your images to perform best on Google Shopping.

Enrich asset metadata and use them as header or alt text information to boost their indexation by web browsers.

Dynamic Media Optimization

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Use presets to transform each image to the size, format, and visual aspect converting best on each output channel.

Smartly optimize images and videos to reduce their weight with no impact on their visual quality.

Create and deliver fully responsive, pixel-perfect images to improve mobile loading time.

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Visual Artificial Intelligence

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Gen AI capabilities guarantee automatic resizing and platform-appropriate transformations.

Leverage AI powered automatic descriptions of each asset to improve their ranking by Google bots.

Smartly detect which visuals work best and where to improve your overall performance.

What our customers say

Discover which global actors have already put their trust, and their visuals, in our hands.


Learn how SeLoger, the largest French Real Estate portal moved its media server and CDN to Cloudimage.

Alexandre Nérat
Infrastructure Manager
Finance, Banking and Insurance

Learn how APRIL, leading French insurer, used Filerobot Headles APIs to improve media management and optimization via seamless integration to Prismic CMS

Thomas Hardy
Web Project Manager - Product Owner

Learn how Yuka, leading mobile food app, combat their growing image uploads, from startup to hosting over 20 million users!

François Martin
Global Marketing Communications

Learn how Scaleflex built an all-new custom Hyundai Dealer Content Hub for INNOCEAN Worldwide Mexico in 4 weeks!

Eduardo Cisneros Escalona
Project Manager

Scaleflex has improved our web performance with automated image processing, resulting in 30% faster and lighter WebP images.

Stephane Bouhet
Senior Engineering Manager

Scaleflex's image processing possibilities have allowed us to to free our web marketing from the constraints of image dimensions and gain +10 points on Google PageSpeed audits.

Amaury Taufour
Back Office & Front Office Project Leader

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