Calculation method of CO2
1. A transparent calculation method

kgCO2e / kWh of the country where the servers are located: Depending on the energy mix of each country, the carbon intensity of electricity varies.

255 (kgCO2e / kWh) x 1.805 x 344 Average gain in KB / 1000 = 3,5gCO2eq
2. Estimate the traffic of a website

Now that the average gain per page is calculated, we have to estimate the average number of page views per month.

6 255 Number of visitors per month x 5 Average number of page views per visit
= 31 275 Average number of page views per month
3. An estimate of the CO2 gain / year

Here is the final calculation to give an estimate of the CO2 gain allowed by Cloudimage per year

345 Average gain per page (gCO2eq) x 5 Average number of page views per visit x 12 month
= 345 g Average gain per year of CO2

How can Cloudimage accelerate your website?

Reducing your site’s loading time

Lighter images equal less loading time, a boost in SEO rankings and reduced traffic costs. Cloudimage helps you identify and resolve performance issues by evaluating visual assets and files impacting your website’s speed.

reduce page loading time img
webpages are lighter

Webpages that are light as feathers

80% of a page's weight comes down to visuals, which can increase loading times and reduce conversions. The first 4 seconds of your page’s loading time have the biggest impact on conversions, and Cloudimage optimizes your visuals to guarantee lightning-fast pages. Load fast, convert fast.

webpages that are lighter

Losing website weight is eco-friendly, too!

We help you reduce your carbon footprint

As we’ve seen, images hugely impact website weight, which is linked directly to its carbon footprint. Thanks to the reduction of your website’s weight with Cloudimage, you can cut down your carbon footprint by up to a factor of 4! A faster web is good for your users and the planet.
Check out our transparent calculation method.

How do we calculate?
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Customer Success Stories


Lighter images with no impact on quality


Reduction in digital carbon footprint


Implementation to achieve results
*these figures are given for Michelin's main website,, which has an average monthly traffic of 600,000 visitors.

Michelin saves 1.8T of C02/month with Cloudimage, which is equal to:

36 350

Liters of coffee

7 372 014

Km by train

83 553

Km by plane

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