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Scaleflex boosts the productivity and performance of your Media Assets across IT and Marketing Teams.
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Answer your enterprise's performance and productivity challenges with Scaleflex.

Technical Teams

Integration and Scalability
Built by developers, for developers: every single feature is made for scalability, performance and seamless integration. With the help of comprehensive documentation, developers can quickly achieve results, thanks to an extensive API and automated workflows.

Marketing Teams

Organization and Collaboration
Get collaborative content operations to run best-in-class marketing campaigns. Unleash the creative potential of your Media using Scaleflex’s solutions to reduce Marketing’s Time-to-Fulfilment. Provide beautiful Digital Experiences while keeping up with the high-demand for new content.

Enterprise Level Content Operations

Choose scalable and secure solutions that fit your specific needs.

100% Secure Solutions

Ensure identity federation, Multi-Factor Authentication, protection from DDoS attacks and compliance to high privacy standards (GDPR).

On-Demand CDN Services

Choose to benefit from Scaleflex’s multi-cloud Storage and CDN architecture, or to plug our SaaS directly into your existing CDN

Highly Scalable and Multi-tenant

Seamlessly integrate Scaleflex's solutions into your CMS, ERP, or PIM using our APIs, plugins, libraries and widgets.

Tailored Enterprise Support

Personalized support to match the needs of DAM and Media Performance at your organization.

Your trusted partner
over 1300 customers worldwide

APRIL's Success Story

APRIL is a French company that creates, manages and distributes insurance solutions and assistance services for individuals, professionals and companies.

APRIL websites ( and count more than 10 million visits in 2020. AKQA, their digital partner, chose Scaleflex's Filerobot Digital Asset Management solution to plug into its existing Prismic headless CMS and hosts all data in France.
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Compliance is our priority

Regain control of your Data.

Compliance with Local Regulation

As an EU-based SaaS company, Scaleflex is fully GDPR-compliant and can easily adapt to other local regulations (CDPA, CCPA, China regulations, etc.) via globally distributed solutions.

Data Hosting and Replication

Limit the replication of your assets and data to specific local storage providers and data centers. Data Replication will prevent you from any loss of data.

Top-grade Security

Gain control of the accessibility of the solutions (SSO, MFA) and protect your assets from being misused (domain whitelisting, URL signature, URL aliases).

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Boost the productivity and performance of your Media Assets from day 1 of your Startup Project!

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Since the very beginning of our adventure, Scaleflex has worked closely with the Startup Ecosystem.

Combining our expertise in Digital Asset Management and Optimization with fully scalable solutions, we offer fast-growing startups with the best toolbox to achieve new heights.

Our partners Station F, Euratechnologie or Startup Starter recommend our solutions to the most known startups like Yuka.
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Scaleflex is Startups' privileged partner

Yuka's Success Story

Yuka is an independent mobile application dedicated on deciphering ingredients off packaging labels of food and cosmetics to bring awareness to its users.

Now with over 1.5 million products registered in about 10 countries with 20 million users around the world, Cloudimage has proven to be a scalable solution for Yuka - always being able to support them as they keep succeeding.
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