Planet Tech’ Care is the first initiative to unite professional organizations, educational institutions, innovation hubs, associations, foundations, and think tanks. It aims to support businesses in integrating digital technology into their environmental trajectory and assist players in developing sustainable IT skills.

Like Planet Tech’ Care, Scaleflex believes that environmental changes negatively impact societies, ecosystems, and global economies and is committed to going green and empowering companies to do the same.

How can online business play a part towards a green future?

Clear up digital assets that no longer spark joy

Eliminate duplication across different channels and platforms

Optimize images and videos to reduce website data

Cache website content with CDNs to save network resources

Cloudimage web performance optimization and digital carbon footprint reduction

Images take up more than 80% of a page weight. Optimizing your images can drastically reduce your websites’ digital carbon footprints.
Map of Media Delivery Network
Map of Media Delivery Network

Discover our success stories


Learn how SeLoger, the largest French Real Estate portal moved its media server and CDN to Cloudimage.

Alexandre Nérat
Infrastructure Manager
Finance, Banking and Insurance

Learn how APRIL, leading French insurer, used Filerobot Headles APIs to improve media management and optimization via seamless integration to Prismic CMS

Thomas Hardy
Web Project Manager - Product Owner

Learn how Yuka, leading mobile food app, combat their growing image uploads, from startup to hosting over 20 million users!

François Martin
Global Marketing Communications

Learn how Scaleflex built an all-new custom Hyundai Dealer Content Hub for INNOCEAN Worldwide Mexico in 4 weeks!

Eduardo Cisneros Escalona
Project Manager



Lighter images with no impact on quality

4.5x Lighter images with no impact on quality



4x Reduction in digital carbon footprint

Reduction in digital carbon footprint



< 1 Week Implementation to achieve results

Implementation to achieve results

This project paved the way to a better engineering culture that will put performance and eco-conception in the center of our development process.

Soheir Benyagoub
Architect DXP

In the last 30 days



Images and video optimized and accelerated



Monthly CDN traffic



Average compression ratio



Saved in CDN bandwidth

Learn more about green technology and sustainability

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Be part of the green revolution

Hyundai aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045

Michelin is working towards its All-Sustainable strategy for 2030

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