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Digital Asset Management

Headless DAM features

Collaborative DAM features

Web performance features

Headless DAM features

  • Assets Upload and Browsing via Widget or API

  • Asset Classification (Folders, Collections, Products)

  • Duplicate Check and Versioning

  • Inline Image Editor in Asset Hub and Widget

  • Storage URLs Access

  • Customizable Taxonomy with Multilingual

  • Meta-data

  • AI-powered Asset Tagging

  • AI-powered Search & Discovery of Assets

  • Customizable Widget Branding

Collaborative DAM features

  • Asset Hub front-office for internal Users

  • Customizable User views

  • Role-Based Access Control for Administrators and Users

  • Customizable Asset Hub Branding

  • Content Operations Workflows (Approval, Expiration)

  • Asset History Tracking

  • Restricted Upload Access for External Users (Airbox)

  • Assets Sharing with External Users (Sharebox)

  • Asset Rights Management

Web Performance features

  • On-the-fly Media Resizing and Optimization

  • WebP Compression

  • Responsive Design Libraries and Plugins (Lazy/Progressive Loading)

  • URL Delivery Aliases

  • Custom Transformation Presets, Rules

  • Static File Compression (JS, CSS)

  • Custom CNAMEs (up to 3)

  • Worldwide CDN Acceleration

  • MFA Authentication

  • URL Signature and Sealing

On-Demand Add-Ons and Services

Multiple tenants

Extra users & administrators

Marketing Asset Analytics

SSO (included in Collaborative DAM)

ASK Filerobot: empower your DAM with AI (image recognition, tagging, background removal, brand detection, OCR,...)


Unlimited images
Unlimited transformations

For a blog or a personal website

25 GB of Image Cache
25 GB of Monthly
CDN Traffic


Best Effort support


$1 per GB overuse


Unlimited images
Unlimited transformations

For a small platform or an app

40 GB of Image Cache
60 GB of Monthly
CDN Traffic

SLA: 99.9%


$0.75 per GB overuse


Unlimited images
Unlimited transformations

For a larger online shop

70 GB of Image Cache
150 GB of Monthly CDN Traffic

SLA: 99.9%

Advanced or Premium Support*

Custom CNAME (up to 2) SSL certificate


$0.50 per GB overuse


Unlimited images
Unlimited transformations

For high traffic websites or apps

200 GB of Image Cache
800 GB of Monthly CDN Traffic

SLA: 99.95%

Advanced or Premium Support*

Custom CNAME (up to 4) SSL certificate


$0.25 per GB overuse


Unlimited images
Unlimited transformations

Manage multiple projects from one single console

1 TB+ of Image Cache
or monthly
CDN Traffic

SLA: 99.99%

Advanced or Premium Support*
Dedicated Account Manager

Custom CNAME
SSL certificate

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All paid plans include:

Standard technical support

Unlimited images and all image transformations

Delivery aliases

Origin URLs whitelisting

CDN invalidation

Modern image formats (WebP, JPEG, AVIF available soon)

Dashboards and reporting

CMS plugins (WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop)

Responsive Images Plugin

* Advanced & Premium Support are on-demand value-added services and come at extra cost.

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