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Reduce integration time, improve user experience, and boost SEO through accelerated images and videos.

Wait, digital content impacts conversion rates?

More than you think. The first 4 seconds of your page load time have the highest impact on your conversion rate.
scaleflex products impacts conversion rates

4 Key Benefits of Optimizing Videos and Images

Media assets represent roughly 60% of a desktop website, and 80% of a mobile one.

website loading speed with and without cloudimage


less weight
Leverage new formats like WebP, WebM or AVIF to compress visuals while keeping visually sharp.


less resources for managing your assets
Create 20+ image transformations in seconds using ready-to-use presets. Integrate on your pages with 15+ CMS plugins and frontend libraries.

+25 points

on Google Core Web Vitals
Win the SEO battle with faster visuals. Optimize your pages for improved user experience.


saved in infrastructure costs
Use lighter images and videos to lessen your CDN bandwidth and reduce your carbon footprint.

Automate your content Acceleration

Get pixel perfect images dynamically
Access 150+ on-the-fly resizing features: smart crop, auto-focus, quality enhancement, background removal etc.
Accelerate loading times for all users
Smartly compress images and videos to the best fitting format and adapt their size automatically (20+ responsive plugins and libraries).
Worldwide reach in a snap
Leverage the best Content Delivery Networks (CDN) strategy to reach the fastest delivery times for your global audiences with Scaleflex' CDN partners (Akamai, Cloudfront, Fastly, CDNetworks).

Unlock the power of media optimization

Complete tool that smartly resizes, compresses and transforms visual assets to all user devices, globally.

Why choose Scaleflex's dynamic media optimizer?

Securely manage and deliver your media assets across users and platforms through an intuitive hub.

Transparent and predictable costs

Highly flexible CDN offering - pick the best one or bring your own

Privacy compliant and European-based company (GDPR)

Intuitive, easily understandable documentation stack

ROI Calculator and great analytics to follow your stats (carbon footprint, bandwidth)

Awards and Certifications

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"Scaleflex has improved our web performance with automated image processing, resulting in 30% faster and lighter WebP images."

Stephane Bouhet
Senior Engineering Manager

"Thanks to Cloudimage, we’ve been able to boost our ranking to 3rd in Argentina and continue providing our customers with fast, responsive, and visually stunning content!"

Julio Da Costa
Director of Systems

"Scaleflex's image processing possibilities have allowed us to to free our web marketing from the constraints of image dimensions and gain +10 points on Google PageSpeed audits."

Amaury Taufour
Back Office & Front Office Project Leader

Cloudimage in numbers

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Optimized assets last month


CDN traffic delivered over top-tier CDNs


Compression optimized vs origin


Saved in CDN and infrastructure costs

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