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Enrich your media with fast-loading speeds
Accelerate your Content Operations to publish fast and visually-appealing articles

An aesthetically-pleasing visual experience is your best asset to retain your readers' attention, convey emotions and get more subscribers.

Looking for a way to manage and optimize high quality photographs, videos and podcasts with large file sizes?

Scaleflex speeds up your media, organize your assets and boost internal workflows with:

  • Full integration into your Back-Office or CMS
  • Cloud collaboration and easy versioning of assets
  • Custom tagging for a better-organized catalog
  • Validation process at each step (upload, edition, distribution)
  • Inline media edition (auto-cropping, watermarking, etc)
  • Optimized images, videos and CDN delivery
  • Responsive images and lazy loading on all devices
  • Free stock images
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