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Compatible with all applications and operating systems. We help you get the most out of your visual assets, with the least effort.
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About our Filerobot DAM

Upload and store

Integrate our widget, upload new visuals, and store them in our multi-tenant repository. Enjoy a more flexible and enriched media library that facilitates cross-team collaboration.

Edit and collaborate

Modify your visuals in seconds, collaborate efficiently, manage user's access and easily share assets with external stakeholders through customizable portals.

Manage and automate

Avoid duplicates, detect inaccuracies and control compliance all through customized validation steps, streamlined with AI-features specific to your industry's visual catalog.

Enrich and optimize

Our content tags allow expanded indexation and search; retrieve your enriched visuals easily. Thanks to adapted methods of compression, your media is also lighter, faster, and easier to publish.

A modern DAM,
evolving with your needs

Securely manage and share your media assets across teams and platforms in an intuitive hub.
headless dam eco system

Headless DAM

APIs and widgets for developers

Enjoy the best technologies to manage media content at scale in you web or mobile app.

collaborative dam eco-system

Collaborative DAM

Media Asset Hub for marketing, digital

Securely manage and share media assets across teams, platforms in an intuitive hub.

Much more than just another DAM

An all-in-one Visual Experience Platform for limitless assets upload, automations,
collaboration, editing and more.

Why choose
Scaleflex's DAM solution?

Why you'll be getting much more than just another DAM.

Built to scale

Transparent and predictable costs

Optimized delivery thanks to media asset readiness

Highly flexible Cloud and CDN offering

Fully composable to adapt to your unique needs (MACH certified)

AI-powered classification and moderation features

Awards and Certifications

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What our customers say about our DAM platform

Discover which global actors in the sector have already put their trust, and their visuals, in our hands

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"Thanks to Scaleflex we've managed a record time migration: 12.5 million assets in just under 3 months, with no activity interruption"

Olivier Naro

"Thanks to Scaleflex we've managed to deliver and localize meaningful content to over 18 countries."

Julio Da Costa
Senior IT Procurement Manager

"With Scaleflex, we have all our assets centralized in a single portal, and a frictionless, fluid integration with our PIM, Akeneo."

Yannick Hermat
Head of Digital Transformation

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