Filerobot Headless DAM

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Filerobot Headless DAM
Filerobot Headless DAM

Headless DAM opens a new set of possibilities for your Content Operations

There are more tools and teams involved with content than ever before; trying to get everyone to access and manage your company’s content through a traditional, ‘one-size fits all’, DAM platform is no longer efficient. Teams need to access content relevant to them in the applications and tools they work with daily.
In contrast to Traditional DAM, Headless DAM decouples media assets from a specific user interface, meaning your content is free to be served to any application, channel, or team. This is achieved through an extensive set of Headless APIs that allow for custom connections and integrations to be built wherever they make sense for your business, bringing a tangible set of business benefits.

Business benefits

Filerobot Headless DAM provides tangible business benefits not offered by traditional
DAM software

Headless DAM API

Access Content Anywhere

  • Filerobot’s Headless API capabilities allow the building of content workflows wherever they make sense for your business.
  • Developers can take advantage of the Headless API to build custom front-end systems tailored to match evolving business requirements; or directly into existing business systems.
Headless DAM AI-Powered Workflows

AI-Powered Workflows

  • Filerobot has market-leading content AI capabilities, enabling teams to automate things like: Face Detection, Content Moderation and Background Removal.
  • This allows teams uploading and managing content to greatly increase their throughput and efficiency, through smart categorization and tagging of content at scale.
Headless DAM becomes more agile

Become more Agile

  • Filerobot Headless DAM allows your Content Operations to become truly agile.
  • The nature of the Headless API architecture allows you to easily adapt and change how you share content to various business systems, tools and teams.
Headless DAM removes content silos

Remove Content Silos

  • With a Filerobot Headless Implementation, end-users have the possibility to access content with the software they already use.
  • This helps break-down silos, reduce the amount of tools used daily and allow more time for producing and publishing great content.

Success stories

Learn how these companies use Filerobot Headless DAM to increase team efficiency and speed up their Content-to-Market

Partner April headless dam

French major Insurance Company

Learn how April, leading French insurer with a global customer base, utilized Filerobot Headless APIs to improve their media management and optimization, including integration to their Prismic CMS deployment.

Read the case study →
Partner Kozmos headless dam
Turkish Wholesale in Fashion

Learn how Kozmos, leading Turkish Textiles eCommerce, drove great performance improvements in their Content Operations: faster upload and ingestion, smart content management and automated optimization and delivery of assets.

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Partner Gocar headless dam
Belgian top Car Dealer

Learn how GoCar, Belgium’s leading online car marketplace, took advantage of Filerobot’s Headless API modularity and integration flexibility: achieving faster development and business-wide integrations.

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How does Filerobot Headless DAM work

Filerobot Headless DAM provides a comprehensive and robust set of APIs to build custom Content Workflows that make sense to your business’s unique requirements. You can choose from popular SDKs to build out these applications.

 How does Filerobot headless DAM work

CLI and Widget

  • Filerobot CLI

    The Filerobot CLI (Command Line Interface) enables you to interact with Filerobot directly through the command line.

    The full list of Filerobot commands located on the Filerobot CLI GitHub page.

    Filerobot Github headless dam CLI
  • Filerobot Widget

    If you are interested in taking advantage of Headless DAM’s flexibility, but don’t want to build integrations with your existing (or planned) applications from scratch, meet the Filerobot Media Asset Widget!

    The Filerobot Media Asset Widget can be incorporated into your applications with just a few lines of code. It provides a graphical user interface for non-technical teams to upload and manage media.

    From the widget, users can access media stored in the DAM to perform actions, such as: AI-powered tagging, image editing, file versioning, on-the-fly image optimization and resizing - amongst many other features!

    Filerobot headless dam widget

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