Media Optimization

0.1s site speed improvement = 8% increase in conversions
Cloudimage automates the transformation and optimization of images on-the-fly and accelerates their distribution via Content Delivery Network.

How can digital content impact your conversion rates?

Accelerate your loading times through media optimization

Automate your Content Acceleration

Download & cache

  • On the first image load, we download your asset from your storage and cache it.
  • You can optionally upload your origin media gallery with us.


  • We crop, resize, cut, watermark, colorize, rotate and enhance your images.
  • Use our Responsive Images plugin to automatically generate responsive sizes.


  • Leverage WebP and JPEG (AV1 available soon) to make your images lighter and load faster.
  • Our AI-based compression smartly applies the best compression without visible impact.


  • Your assets are accelerated anywhere around the world via our multi-CDN infrastructure.
  • Images are cached locally on more than 1 000 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) to absorb traffic peaks.

How does Cloudimage dynamic URLs work?

Simply change your image URLs and enjoy optimized and faster images

Need for image speed?

Benchmark images on your website and see how you can benefit from Cloudimage.

Image optimization

How much can Cloudimage optimize my images?

CDN Distribution

How fast can my images load around the world?

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