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DAM Workflow Mapping

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Media Performance Audit

Your website has intense traffic and a large online media catalog, but you noticed frequent slowdowns and degraded performances.

Scaleflex can help you identify and solve the issues:
  • Evaluate media (images, videos, files, etc.) performance

  • Local performance tests (from one testing location)

  • High-level performance report

  • Performance improvement recommendations

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DAM Workflow Mapping

Your Organization has complex Content Operations and is looking for the right solutions to streamline processes.

Scaleflex can help you to map your processes and configure your DAM:
  • Map the content lifecycle (type, weight, duration)

  • Map the ecosystem of content management tools (PIM, ERP, CRM, DAM, etc.)

  • Map the content operations (teams, roles, actions on media assets)

  • High-level content operation Map

  • Content Operations improvement recommendations

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Tailored Content Operations System

Digital Asset Management and Media Optimization combined: upload from anywhere, retrieve smartly, deliver rocket fast.

QuickStart Onboarding

Configuration of compression settings

Support with URL transformations rewriting

Support with implementation of Responsive JS

Support with integration with external storage

Support with Media Widget/Editor API integration

Advanced Onboarding

All QuickStart Onboarding items

Support with integration into a CMS

Support with integration into a PIM

Support with integration into a DAM

Support with integration into a CDN

Support with integration into an ERP

Development & ML

Custom Feature Development

Custom APIs

Custom Dashboard

Custom Connector to a CMS, PIM, ERP

Custom Machine Learning algorithm

CDN Add-on features and Security Setup

AI as Foundation for Business Intelligence

Background Removal

E-Commerce websites and Marketplaces can harmonize their online catalogue with unified image background.

Face Detection

Digital Newspapers or online Marketplaces can trigger an action based on face detection (blur, auto-crop, etc.).

Smart Tagging

Content teams can easily search files based on tags applied automatically and in several languages on each image and video.


Powerful in-house algorithm to re-compress JPEG files according to their complexity without impacting the perceived quality.

Object Detection

Marketplaces importing multi-vendors catalogues can detect the object present in an image (watermark, illustration, etc.).


Marketplaces importing multi-vendors catalogues can detect when an image is poorly framed and take action (auto-crop).

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