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Choosing the Right DAM:
5 Steps for Selecting a Digital Asset Management Platform

Building a solid understanding of your organization's challenges in relation to Digital Asset Management and developing a comprehensive set of requirements are crucial for choosing the most well-suited DAM system for your organization. This Scaleflex’s White Paper on DAM will help you assess your DAM needs, introduce you to the core and advanced features of a DAM to pave the way for success on your DAM journey.

Media Acceleration in the Cloud:
Challenges and Solutions

Fast, efficient, scalable! Find out how you can combine media optimization, CDN acceleration, and cloud collaboration to deliver an unforgettable digital experience!

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Digital Asset Management and Media Optimization combined: upload from anywhere, retrieve smartly, deliver rocket fast.

E-Commerce and Media Optimization

85% of your e-commerce website visitors are more likely to buy a product after visualizing it, while top-ranking pages on Google have an average loading time of less than 2.3 seconds and haul in 95% of all search traffic.
Discover How To Combine Speed and Beauty on my E-Commerce

Real-Estate and Media Optimization

63% of your online visitors  think that Real Estate Videos and Images are the most important for their decision on making a purchase. The first start to property search starts online. Did you know that buyers search for a new home online up to three weeks before contacting a real estate agent?
Discover How Media Optimization Impacts Conversion in Real-Estate

Hear from our Customers

Famous multinational tire manufacturing company

"This project paved the way to a better engineering culture that will put performance and eco-conception in the center of our development process."

French major Insurance Company

"Instead of stacking providers, AKQA rightfully recommended Filerobot and its Swiss Army Knife approach to answer APRIL’s need for media management and optimization in Prismic."

Thomas Hardy, Product Owner

French Largest Real-Estate Platform

"With a high level of performance, transparent cost and a service delivering up to 80,000 images per minute SeLoger would “absolutely” recommend us to peers with similar needs."

Alexandre Nérat, CTO

Turkish Wholesale in Fashion

“Filerobot has many useful features, with a very simple and intuitive interface, that is clean and clear. Very good service performance."

Gökhan Çevre, IT Manager

Belgian top Car Dealer

"Filerobot helped us save a lot of time in development. We now use it in our sales funnel, in our back office and that’s just the beginning!"

Philippe Bloom, Lead Developer

Mobile app scanning products quality

"Scaleflex has been our partner for image processing since our first user up to 20 million today. The service scale perfectly and customer support is amazing."

François Martin, CTO

Mobile App SDK Builder

"A Build instead of Buy relationship!” Easy and fast integration as a native feature in BuildFire’s SDK combined with a high-quality CDN delivery and effective image optimization features.”

Daniel Hindi, CTO

French Outdoor Retailer

"Ultra-fast implementation (rare for a Magento module), validated loading time performance and reactive customer support; Cloudimage has perfectly met the needs and constraints of"

Quentin Maes, E-Commerce Manager

European Online Wholesale Leader

"We spent quite some time working on an in-house image resizing solution, but we experienced many challenges.”

Ingo Schloo, CEO

Retargeting Campaign Solution

“The set-up was really simple. We were happy with the pricing and the solution. We process a large number of pictures and failures are insignificant.”

Alexander Sloan, CTO

An Independent Digital Agency

“Few weeks after implementing Cloudimage in production, the results were significative: the speed index on the home-page went from 4100 down to 2300 (Dareboost)!”

Mathieu Lebrun – CEO

The Munich emblematic and historical mall

“Through the automation of processes, our time-to-market speed has greatly improved. We save time when adding product data and can collaborate better with other teams.”

Tim Kläsner - E-commerce Manager

Global Marketing Communications for Huyndai and Kia

"Fuss-free and easy-to-use, with minimal training required. This is what we were looking to manage challenges of high staff rotation schedules in the dealerships"
Eduardo Cisneros Escalona - Project Manager at Innocean Worldwide Mexico

French player on the furniture market since 1996

Cloudimage divided by 2 the average image weight on Made in Meuble's website thanks to a combined effort with Quanta. The rapid implementation of Cloudimage into the existing CMS also helped increase the overall speed index by 16%.

South America’s regional IT security expert

"With Scaleflex’s technology, we can take our customers even deeper into the cloud with excellent results within minutes by a quick and simple setup. Scaleflex offers an intelligent solution for faster and more powerful websites without sacrificing quality."
Augustin Chivilo - Operations Manager

An EU online furniture retailer

"With the constantly growingnumber of clients, we kept encountering image delivery capacity issues. At one point, we realized we had to take steps to optimize our current infrastructure.”
Edgar - Project Manager

Ticket sales platform

"The setup was fuss-free, and we are thrilled with the results. We're looking forward to launching a second project with Cloudimage for our website in Italy in 2023!"
Raul Fuente - CEO and Co-Founder

Leading automotive marketplaces in Spain, Portugal, and Germany

"We started accelerating our images via Cloudimage on, and we’re so happy that we’ve now implemented it on 2 of our other sites!"
Boris Cumbrera - CTO

Specialized clinical training with its exclusive degree programs

"The use of Cloudimage was remarkable. I liked the transparency and information received from the administration panel, from image cache andCDN traffic consumption to product updates and configurations."
Ismael García González - Desarrollador, Postgrado en Odontologia UCAM

French online fashion retailer

"Thanks to its simple implementation and multiple image processing possibilities, Cloudimage has allowed us to free our web marketing from the constraints related to image dimensions while significantly improving our web performance!"
Amaury Taufour - Back Office & Front Office, Project leader

The European leader in pre-owned furniture

"A young and reactive team that helped us quickly adapt to our needs. They are always there with solutions and never leave you without answers."
Vincent Paulin - Chief Technology Officer

A distributor of DIY, maintenance, home and garden improvement products and services

"We appreciated Scaleflex’s tech-agnostic mindset. They searched for the best-performing CDN provider within their network that aligned with our Client strategy."
Francesco Altomare - Regional Sales Manager @ GlobalDots

A franchise network specializing in purchasing and selling second-hand products

"A powerful and well-documented solution, easy to implement and use, which pleases both marketers and developers."
Cécile MARSAL-GEOFFRIN - Product Owner

A tool to visually showcase students and alumni's skills and competencies to potential employers

"Cloudimage not only saved us hours and hours of custom development to write our own solution to handle dynamic images, but also hours of integration because it was done in just one day."
Daniel Marashlian - CTO

The leading company in technology, electronics, and appliances in Argentina

"Thanks to Cloudimage, we’ve been able to boost our ranking to 3rd in Argentina and continue providing our customers with fast, responsive, and visually stunning content!"
Claudio Baez - Director of Systems

One of the largest stationery stores in Portugal

"Cloudimage by Scaleflex is a game-changer for our website’s speed and SEO! All our images are now optimized for all devices and the instant CDN implementation is a huge plus."
Filipa Sousa - Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Manager

The leading multi-brand fitness-led health and supplements retailer in Southeast Europe

"The implementation process was straightforward, and the customer service we received from Scaleflex was excellent. I highly recommend Cloudimage to anyone looking to improve their web performance and user experience."
Tomo Stjepović - Head of Online & Web Development

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