Artifakt allies with Scaleflex to boost the performance and user experience of French brands

(April, 27th 2022) - Lyon, France - Artifakt, a fast-growing PaaS in Cloud infrastructure, and Scaleflex, a leading SaaS in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Optimization, are combining their efforts to accelerate the go-to-market of digital platforms in France.

“Companies are really keen to invest a lot on E-commerce platforms, as well as, on added marketing tools to help them to deliver the best customer journey. At Artifakt, we help them to secure this journey by industrializing their infrastructure and moving them to the Cloud.” - Romain Thomas - VP Channel & Partnership, Artifakt

Since its creation, Artifakt aims to combine business goals and cloud expertise by:

  • Providing an all-in-one platform to help companies deploy, host, and manage web applications on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. “Performance by design!”
  • Delivering the most appropriate support with our dedicated experts. “Don’t be under pressure before Sales!”
  • Easing and simplifying the daily life of the project team with a full range of features designed for agility and autonomy. “A new marketing initiative out of the blue? For sure, let’s launch it!”

Artifakt and Scaleflex are complementary in solutions they provide to business leaders, both providing a strong focus on delivery speed with short integration times.

“The future of conversion lies in the user experience and how brands differentiate from the competition. Spendings on design and visual creation are likely to become dominant in the coming years: thus, securing a good performance of every single image or video is a must-have to maximize the ROI.” - Laura Berger - Partnership Manager, Scaleflex

Five years after their creation, Artifakt and Scaleflex came together and instantly realized they had many good reasons to collaborate:

  • Performance is everywhere, but many customers are lost in the numerous solutions offered by the market. Our partnership brings a simple solution to many E-commerce and corporate brands to solve their infrastructure and web delivery problems;
  • European players work well together: our partnership brings to life a fully GDPR compliant approach, with sales and technical support in both English and French;
  • Transparent from A to Z: besides fair pricing on both sides, we provide our customers with the tools to actually be in control of their performance and their costs.
  • Modern technologies for more flexibility: Artifakt’s PaaS approach and Scaleflex’s headless SaaS solutions are the perfect technological recipe to leverage your business online!

About Scaleflex

Scaleflex is a B2B SaaS company whose mission is to simplify the upload, storage, organization, transformation, optimization, publishing, and acceleration of all brand assets (images, videos, PDFs, or static files such as JS scripts, or CSS files) within an organization.

“Our mission is to help R&D teams, marketers, and content managers collaborate better with each other and simplify the recurring tasks involved in managing, optimizing, and delivering media around the world.”

Michelle Lim – Content Marketer