Scaleflex and Fasterize join forces to industrialize the performance of their customers

(Lyon, France – 20 October, 2022) Scaleflex and Fasterize combine their strengths of media and code optimization to improve the performance stack of e-commerce leaders.

With the increasing number of rich and complex sites, higher mobile browsing habits, and ever-increasing user expectations, brands must reinvent their digital experience. 

As trusted partners, Scaleflex and Fasterize support many e-commerce leaders in their challenges: agility, time-to-market, scalability, quality, and speed. Thanks to this partnership, e-commerce players can look forward to a state-of-the-art performance stack.

Scaleflex and Fasterize's partnership

Industrialize, perform, convert

The key to success for e-retailers is to achieve a fluid and rapid customer experience, rich and quality content, and a record time-to-market. In this sense, Scaleflex and Fasterize have joined forces to help as many businesses as possible to industrialize their digital chain and actively contribute to building the future of e-commerce. 

This industrialization is essential to develop solid innovations, maintain control over performance and offer the most fluid UX to Internet users, regardless of their context and location..

“This partnership with Fasterize is a perfect example of cooperation that makes sense. Our shared expertise in media performance and our complementary solutions in Digital Asset Management and front-end optimization allows us to help R&D teams, marketers, and content managers simplify the recurring tasks of managing, optimizing, and delivering media worldwide.”

Emil Novakov, CEO, Scaleflex

With Scaleflex and Fasterize’s partnership, e-retailers can look forward to the following:

1. High-quality and fast media

Users benefit from media optimization to ensure the highest quality content while achieving fast and lightweight sites. Combine that with a DAM, where digital assets are stored, transformed, shared, validated, and then accelerated to any web and mobile application worldwide via Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

"At Fasterize, we are convinced that the success of e-commerce leaders depends on the industrialization of web performance. This partnership with Scaleflex was born out of our common desire to bring this industrialization to as many people as possible and allow e-retailers to gain in speed and reliability. In this way, we actively support our customers in their ambitions and ultimately contribute to offering the best possible customer experience to end users.”

Stéphane Rios, CEO, Fasterize  

2. Web pages displayed in record time

Serving a fast site at all times requires a high level of expertise to ensure that all static and dynamic pages are automatically and intelligently optimized. Web performance is a vast and complex subject that affects all the technical aspects of a site:  HTML codes, JavaScript, CSS, fonts, third-party scripts, server response time, cache management and more. 

It is necessary to coordinate all the optimizations to be effective and up-to-date with the evolution of best practices, techniques, and formats. Doing so ensures that the users' need for speed is achieved, and the e-merchants are assured of having the fastest possible site, even during traffic peaks or in international locations.

3. Better visibility and higher conversion rates

Combining the website speed optimization expertise of Scaleflex and Fasterize, e-merchants can build a solid foundation for their SEO and ensure the best possible scores, improving conversion rates and revenues.

4. A cleaner web

Websites generate a lower digital carbon footprint thanks to the optimization of storage spaces, lighter content, and optimized codes to limit weight and the number of requests.

With this partnership, sites benefit from cutting-edge technology, gain performance, and convert more!

Fasterize, is the simplest solution on the market to optimize the display speed of a site. Their intelligent engine instantly optimizes the code and all resources. The results: over a million seconds saved per month for users and average increases of 10% on conversion rates for their customers.

Scaleflex is a B2B SaaS company whose mission is to simplify the upload, organization, and optimization of all brand assets. Its MACH (Micro-service, API, Cloud-based, Headless) certified technology allows marketing and technical teams to easily manipulate media from any back-office (CMS, PIM), accelerating content-to-market.

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