Scaleflex co-hosts an insightful webinar alongside Artifakt and Blackbird, with GameO as guests

(Lyon, France - 20 September, 2022) Scaleflex, together with Artifakt and Blackbird, co-hosts a webinar, providing insights on which actions to prioritize when solving web performance challenges.

SEO, UX, performance: not focusing your efforts on any of these can be disastrous for your e-commerce business as it could lead to increased bounce rates, downtime during sales, Core Web Vitals in the “red,” low Google ranking, and poor brand image. 

To help businesses solve the challenges of web performance, Scaleflex, Artifakt, and Blackbird’s panel of experts collaborated to share their visions of performance at each stage of a web project in an online webinar, with GameO as guests.

Artifakt, Blackbird, Scaleflex, GameO representatives in the webinar Web Performance

Unpacking the variety of actions

There are numerous ways to optimize your website to boost its performance. Most of the actions are repeated continuously within the industry: caching, reducing image weight, lazy loading, and merging CSS/JE. 

Before any strategy, Ceyhun Kaplan, an e-commerce expert at Blackbird agency, reiterates the importance of a website audit. As web performance is the sum of actions and approaches, ensuring that the proper techniques work for your company’s specific website situation is necessary.

The panel of experts recommend the following workflow:

  1. Website audit - to collect as much data as possible
  2. Performance projection - to estimate the results of the actions
  3. Defining a list of actions
  4. Plan, implement, check, adjust

Thereafter, the experts dived in to examine each important action to gain quick wins. Romain Thomas, cloud hosting expert at Artifakt, shares that the hosting infrastructure will help sites achieve better performance through more efficient servers and a decoupled architecture.

Laura Berger, partnerships manager at Scaleflex, also introduces the benefit of a Micro-services-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless (MACH) approach:

Applying tips to GameO’s project

Scaleflex, Artifakt, and Blackbird experts then looked into GameO’s project to provide quick wins.As images account for 60% to 80% of a page’s weight and can significantly slow down a page’s loading time, webmasters should:

  1. Use next-generation image formats and compression: WebP, WebM, and AVIF can reduce the weight of an image by up to 10 times.
  2. Ensure mobile-first images: lazyload images and ensure that they are responsive.
  3. Plan, implement, check, adjust

Missed this insightful webinar? Catch the replay (webinar conducted in French) or speak to our media optimization experts to find out how you can improve your site’s web performance!

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