Scaleflex forms a strategic partnership with Quanta, combining the best of DAM and RUM

(Lyon, France - 22 September, 2022) Scaleflex and Quanta announced their partnership today, bringing together the best of Digital Asset Management and Real User Monitoring solutions to solve performance issues raised by the Core Web Vitals analytics.

Companies worldwide are continually channeling their efforts into improving their web performance. Speed is essential for better user experience, engagement, and, more importantly, conversion. Businesses must coordinate and collaborate with distributed teams inside and outside the organization and manage numerous complicated technologies to ensure high performance.

Artifakt, Blackbird, Scaleflex, GameO representatives in the webinar Web Performance

Solving the challenges of web performance

Quanta, the experts in web performance management, offers an analytics solution designed for the effective collaboration of business and technical e-commerce teams. While Quanta helps you quantify and uncover the limitations of your website’s optimization, Scaleflex is there to solve them. The result: a better-performing website with reduced loading times.

”With loads of best practices and dozens of new tools each year to improve performance, businesses cannot implement all of them. Quanta allows its customers to control the results both on performance and sobriety of their choices, ensuring a documented return on investment of their work.” said Clement Duveau, partnerships manager at Quanta.

Customers of Quanta will now be able to leverage the powerful capabilities of Scaleflex’s Digital Asset Management and Media Optimization solutions to solve their web performance challenges.

Going beyond web performance, caring for the environment

Working towards the same goal of reducing environmental impacts online, Quanta has created a tool to track the amount of digital carbon footprint emitted on websites. At the same time, Scaleflex's solutions help decrease the digital carbon footprint by reducing digital clutter, minimizing cloud storage, creating lighter images, and saving CDN traffic.

The first activity of Scaleflex and Quanta’s partnership is its upcoming webinar on reducing digital carbon footprint with Scaleflex’s long-time customer, Michelin.

Register for the upcoming webinar with Michelin and discover the power of Scaleflex’s media solutions by monitoring Core Web Vitals analytics with Quanta before and after Cloudimage’s implementation.

About Quanta

Quanta offers the only analytics solution specifically designed to enable e-commerce and digital teams to collaborate effectively with the end in mind: use web performance to directly drive business performance at all times.

Quanta is the trusted solution for over 500 sites worldwide and underpins the web performance strategies of brands such as Aubade and The Kooples; agencies such as Dn'D, Soon, and Bluecom; and hosting providers such Oxalide, NBS System, Ecritel, and BSO.

About Scaleflex

Scaleflex is a B2B SaaS company whose mission is to simplify the upload, storage, organization, transformation, optimization, publishing, and acceleration of all brand assets (images, videos, PDFs, or static files such as JS scripts, or CSS files) within an organization.

“Our mission is to help R&D teams, marketers, and content managers collaborate better with each other and simplify the recurring tasks involved in managing, optimizing, and delivering media around the world.”

Michelle Lim – Public Relations