Scaleflex launched solutions in Spain at South Summit 2021 to promote the power of Digital Experiences in Spanish-speaking markets

(October 25, 2021, Paris, France) - International SaaS Startup Scaleflex joined South Summit 2021 as a Digital Business category finalist and earned attention for launching products in Spanish.

King of Spain took a group photo with exhibitors on the opening day of South Summit 2021 in Madrid

From Oct 5-7, the annual South Summit 2021, founded by Spain Startup in 2012, took place in Madrid, Spain. More than 6,800 startups, together with 1,200 investors from 121 countries, joined this year’s South Summit event.With His Majesty King Felipe IV in attendance, South Summit 2021 continued to drive the exposure of the world’s great start-ups, helping to deliver their messages and value propositions to potential investors and stakeholders from across the globe.

Scaleflex has taken this unique opportunity to officially launch our Digital Asset Management and Media Acceleration softwares in Spanish. This demonstrates our ambition to help transform Content Operations efforts in Spanish-speaking markets, as well as promote the truly global power of Digital Experiences. Startups and Corporates could benefit from our presence to analyze their Media performance and get key insights about:

  • How website performance impacts business conversion; and
  • Why Content Operations and optimized Digital Experiences play crucial roles in fast-tracking the marketing performance of companies, regardless of their size or industry.

Scaleflex sales members welcomed and discussed with visitors at the exhibition booth.

Scaleflex CEO, Emil Novakov, pitched the solutions and received questions from the jury board during the competition session.

Another proud highlight of the event was that we were announced to be on the list of Top 100 Disruptive Startups Globally by the South Summit election board prior to the event. As one of the finalists in the Digital Business category, our CEO, Emil Novakov, had the opportunity to pitch Scaleflex solutions in front of a well-accredited jury board. Although we didn’t take the number one spot in the category, we created great brand awareness and answered some challenging strategic questions from the board. No one else from the Digital Asset Management and Image Optimization industry made it to this stage of the competition at South Summit 2021.

View the full pitch competition.

Filerobot is a Digital Asset Management platform that helps your teams store, process, share and accelerate images, videos and static content on any web or mobile application, across the world. One important Filerobot feature is its ability to automatically optimize media within the platform. This key feature is powered by Cloudimage - a core Scaleflex technology and product. Cloudimage automates the transformation and optimization of videos and images on the fly and accelerates their distribution to end-users via top-tier Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

“We started with an MVP of Cloudimage aiming at optimizing and accelerating images online at the end of 2016 and have been innovating on top of it since then. Today, we are providing Media Optimization and Digital Asset Management solutions as SaaS to solve the ever-growing challenges of managing media assets such as images and videos, team collaboration, digital experience creation, page loading times, and SEO.” – said Emil Novakov, Scaleflex CEO – “Our mission is to bring companies closer to their customers and users in times where the trend is rather towards getting them further and further apart. Our DNA lies in building global (anywhere on any device), scalable (high volume of media assets), flexible (provider-agnostic, modular architecture) SaaS solutions with a lego-like and easy-to-implement architecture. We believe that digital experiences can only be as impactful as the quality of the media assets they rely on and the channels they are delivered through.”

For those that could not make it, or for those that want to learn more about Scaleflex and the solutions we offer, you can access our performance report tools, book a free demo of Filerobot or register for your free plan of Cloudimage anytime through our website.

About Scaleflex

Scaleflex is a B2B SaaS company whose mission is to simplify the upload, storage, organization, transformation, optimization, publishing, and acceleration of all brand assets (images, videos, PDFs, or static files such as JS scripts, or CSS files) within an organization.

“Our mission is to help R&D teams, marketers, and content managers collaborate better with each other and simplify the recurring tasks involved in managing, optimizing, and delivering media around the world.”

Tram Nguyen - Chief Of Staff