Scaleflex unveils Digital Asset Management App on commercetools

(Lyon, France – 5 April 2023) Scaleflex launches its Digital Asset Management (DAM) plugin on the Headless commerce solutions’ appstore, commercetools.
Scaleflex and Akeneo's partnership

Scaleflex and commercetools, both members of the MACH Alliance, are promoting open, composable, and flexible technologies to build the future of digital experience platforms. The launch of Scaleflex’s DAM App on the commercetools’ marketplace is turning this vision into reality: Digital leaders can now launch their new online shop in weeks, not months, thanks to a tangible acceleration of their content processes towards online publication.

“We are delighted to partner with commercetools. Both our teams contribute to revolutionizing the daily work of millions of digital leaders with flexible, intuitive and scalable web solutions.” said Scaleflex’s CEO and Co-Founder Emil Novakov. “Coupling commercetools’ expertise of e-commerce operations with Scaleflex’s advanced media management system results in an end-to-end, unique digital experience for Marketers.” 

"We are glad to add Scaleflex's DAM App to our marketplace and to provide our customers with an extended media management solution," said Blaine Trainor, Vice President, Global Partnerships and Alliances, commercetools. "Just like Scaleflex, our e-commerce SaaS solution is designed to scale with the needs of retailers, whatever the volume of online purchases, traffic spikes or number of product references to be processed."

The launch of the Scaleflex and commercetools plugin takes place today to answer the growing need of e-merchants to better manage their visual content in a complex, omnichannel ecosystem.

Scaleflex is a global leading B2B SaaS company developing modern and scalable Digital Asset Management and Acceleration solutions. Its MACH-certified technology allows marketing and technical teams to easily manipulate media from any back-office, accelerating content-to-market.

With over 2 billion brand assets per month under management, Scaleflex helps over 1300 organizations, including Michelin, Hyundai, Rakuten, the European Space Agency, Knight Frank, and various SaaS companies, provide more engaging, personalized experiences for their global customers.

commercetools, inventor of headless commerce, is a digital software provider that empowers organizations to embrace innovation and thrive  by providing flexible APIs that enable an agile, customizable commerce infrastructure at scale.

commercetools enables continuous innovation by connecting digital channels to physical stores, and optimizing every new channel, from in-car and video content to AR/VR and voice to IoT-enabled machines, as well as future devices yet to be developed.