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Reduce development time, improve user experience, and boost SEO through accelerated images and videos.

How can digital content impact your conversion rates?

Did you know the first 4 seconds of your page load time has the highest impact on your conversion rates?

Image and Video Optimization
4 key benefits for Web Performance

Media assets take up over 60% of a webpage. Optimized pages load 4 times faster, and see a 50% increase in traffic.

Up to 75% reduction

Image weight
Leverage modern image formats such as WebP and AVIF to compress your images without sacrificing visual quality

Up to 30% improvement

Core Web Vitals, SEO and UX
Improve LCP, FID, CLS and INP through faster images to win the SEO battle. Optimize the UX of your pages for higher conversion rates.

Up to 50% reduction

Resources for managing media assets
Free-up valuable resources to focus on creating value for your customers instead of time-consuming, manual image resizing in Photoshop.

Up to 40% savings

CDN & infrastructure costs
Reduce CDN bandwidth and storage costs to lessen your impact on the environment by using lighter images

Automate your Content Acceleration

Manage the life-cycle of your media assets in 4 simple steps with Cloudimage.

Download & Cache

  • Download and cache your images from your storage
  • Store your origin images directly on Cloudimage


  • Crop, cut, resize, watermark, rotate, colorize, and enhance your images with an intuitive image API
  • Convert them into WebP and make them fully responsive


  • Efficiently decrease the size of your images by compressing them with no loss in visual quality
  • Enhance Core Web Vitals, SEO, and UX with faster loading images


  • Boost the speed of your images anywhere around around the world
  • Ensure quick and efficient delivery with multi-CDN

Need for image speed?

Evaluate the performance of your website images and explore the benefits of Cloudimage.
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Your website can be 73% faster
Website Loading Speed
Website Loading Speed with Cloudimage
Your website can be 700% lighter with Cloudimage
7.66 MB
Original Desktop Website Size
2.22 MB
Desktop Website Size with Cloudimage
3.56 MB
Original Mobile Website Size
956.2 KB
Mobile Website Size with Cloudimage

Plugins for responsive images, image optimization and digital asset management

We create user-friendly front-end plugins that enable fast and responsive image deployment, facilitate the creation of 360° product and property experiences, and simplify web performance optimization.

Different industries,
same challenges

Discover how Cloudimage’s web performance optimization helped them.


Learn how SeLoger, the largest French Real Estate portal moved its media server and CDN to Cloudimage.

Alexandre Nérat
Infrastructure Manager
Finance, Banking and Insurance

Learn how APRIL, leading French insurer, used Filerobot Headles APIs to improve media management and optimization via seamless integration to Prismic CMS

Thomas Hardy
Web Project Manager - Product Owner

Learn how Yuka, leading mobile food app, combat their growing image uploads, from startup to hosting over 20 million users!

François Martin
Global Marketing Communications

Learn how Scaleflex built an all-new custom Hyundai Dealer Content Hub for INNOCEAN Worldwide Mexico in 4 weeks!

Eduardo Cisneros Escalona
Project Manager

The Technical Support is very reactive and easy to engage with. The tickets escalated very quickly

Alexandre Nérat
Infrastructure Manager
Foodtech / Marketplace

Cloudimage has been our partner for image processing since the beginning of our project. From our first user to 20 million today, the service scaled perfectly, and performances are great. Customer support is amazing, they really know what they are doing.

François Martin

When I first found Cloudimage, I realized within minutes that it was THE solution for a quick and simple setup fully aligned with our process.

Ingo Schloo

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